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We provide services for hotels, hostels, apartments, restaurants, ceremony rooms, wellness and spa centers, beauty salons, medical clinics, preschools.

All our employees are professionals with many years of experience in washing, cleaning, drying and ironing.
We follow the latest trend in this type of business and our employees complete training courses to improve working methods for highest quality of service, standing out from the competition.

Within our C&A POWER laundry we maintain high hygiene standards/habits.
Our equipment consists of professional washing machines.  

The method of work

Before washing, laundry is sorted separately for each customer and according to the following criteria depending on:
• fabric type
• dirtiness the stains
• removal methods

Laundry is only washed with professional detergents and in our professional industrial washing machines which gives the best results.
Your laundry is dried also in the professional dryers at a customized temperature, depends on the type of laundry and the final processing.
Ironing is done with professional steam irons. While ironing we check the laundry to avoid eventually errors and thus the faultless laundry leaves our laundry room.

In the end, laundry is folded and packed in plastic bags. Packing is the final step in the whole process and depends on the type of laundry.